Soil Nutrient Analyzer

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Untuk menguji/mengukur kadar N, P, K, bahan-bahan organik, pH, salinitas, dan kelembaban pada tanah, pupuk, dan tanaman. 

Parameter teknis:
I. Instrument: 
- Can set crop variety, crop yield, fertilizer variety, and automatically count the fertilizing amount.  
- Built-in the amount of nutrients needed for growth of 73 kinds of crops, 
  can provide guidance for fertilizing amount according to needs. 
- With printing function. 
- With  a  software,  be  able  to  connect  to  computer  for  data storage. 
- With the function of time display, can automatically record and save the time of tested sample.
- The reagent included: low requirement to the storage condition, last longer, and low test cost. 
- Display mode: LCD display  
- Interface: USB 
- Working environment: 0~40°C  35~85%RH  
- Power: AC 220V, 50Hz
II. Measuring / Testing : 
- Soil nutrient 
   - Stability: Absorbency of light drift?0.003  
   - Repeatability: Absorbency of light?0.005  
   - Linearity errors: red light for Copper sulfate, and blue light forpotassium 
bichromate ?3.0%
   - Sensitivity: Red light≥4.5x10-5 
                          Blue light≥3.17×10-3 
   - Wavelength range: 
     Red light 620±4nm; 
     Blue light 440±4nm;
- pH 
   - Testing range: 1-14 
- Salinitas (Sailinity): 
   - Testing range: 0.01% -1.00% 
- Kelembaban tanah (Soil moisture): 
    - Moisture unit: % (m³/m³) 
    - Moisture content rate testing range: 0-100%

HARGA: Rp 75.460.000,-

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