Seed Neatness Workbench

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Untuk melihat dan memilih benih (tidak tercampur dengan varietas lain, kotoran maupun benih yang rusak) guna menjaga kualitas varietas unggul. 

Parameter teknis: 
I. Equipment: 
- Both sides of the Work Table adopts slope design according to the human body engineering principle. 
- Removable drawer is under the instrument to store well-chosen seeds. 
- Extended edge is designed On the left, right and back side of workbench to avoid seeds’ lateral leakage. 
- Glass Surface can be drawled out to replace tube easily. 
- the original seeds-fall holes are advantageous to take out the chosen seeds. 
- Wooden structure, ultra thin observation platform, provided with desktop illumination magnifying glass. 
- Standard configuration contains 2 different chromaticity glasses with wide applicability. 
II. Measuring / Testing : 
- Magnification: 0-7 times 
- Surface size: 320 x 320 mm 
- Table base size: 920 x 320 mm 
- Luminous panel size: 290 x 280 mm 
- Waterproof and unrusted material.

HARGA: Rp 13.860.000,-

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