Vacuum Seed Counter

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Untuk penghitungan, penghisapan, dan penempatan benih dalam suatu wadah dalam proses perkecambahan benih. 

Parameter teknis : 
I. Instrument : 
- Used for seed counting, suction and placing in the course of seed germination. 
- Made Up of main machine, Suction tube and Suction head. 
- With control button to control the Suction Power according to seed size. 
- With 5 different seed suction heads, its size and specification match with Petri dish, meet needs of different seed germination. 
II. Measuring / Testing : 
- Environment Temperature: ≤ 40 °C 
- Power: 1200W 220V/50Hz 
- Voltage: 220V/50Hz 
- Suction plate: 5pcs 
- Include vacuum planting plates for big partical seeds 
- Waterproof and unrusted material.

HARGA: Rp 19.910.000,-

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