Electric Germinator (With Humidifier)

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Digunakan untuk menumbuhkan dan menyimpan objek dengan kondisi lingkungan yang diinginkan.
Merupakan alat inkubasi yang dapat dikontrol secara otomatis, yang meniru kondisi di lingkungan luar.

Parameter teknis :
- Micro-computer control, integrated control panel. The parameters can be set are: time, temperature, light, humidity, period etc.
- Over-temperature and sensor abnormality protection to ensure the equipment and sample safety.
- Full spectrum plant growth lamp, beneficial to plant growth, disease resistance
- A power-down protection, boot display after the state power of money, there are storage memory.
- Aluminum alloy frame, silver color and be able to the aging and deformation. With lock-door to protect the sample from falling out.
- The device with wheel, move easily.
- Inside the incubator is grid structure, which can be adjusted as the sample’s length, it is very convenient and practical.
- Duct-ventilated type with soft wind and uniformity temperature.
- The material of tank: stainless steel
- Anti-irradiation tempered- glass with coating to ensure a good insulation performance.
- Temperature range: 0-50°C 
- Temperature fluctuation: ± 0,5
- Temperature uniformity: ± 1 °C
- Humidity range: 50-90%
- Humidity fluctuation: ± 5% RH
- Deviation: ± 5% RH
- Light grade: 0-3 grade (strong light: 0-8 grade)
- Luminance: 0-15.000 LUX (5.500 lux default)
- Heating power: 500 W (RTOP-1.000: 1.000 W)
- Compressor power: 190 W-320 W
- Compressor delay guard time: 3 min
- Noise: <70 Db
- Humidifier water tank capacity: 5 L
- Working mode: continuous operation (compressor intermittent working)
- Working environment: temperature 0-40 °C, humidity< 80% RH; Non-corrosiveness gas
- Power: 220 ± 22 V, 50 ± 0,5 HZ
- Temperature, humidity, light can be programmed to periods: 1-30 periods
- Volume: Min. 268 L
- Waterproof and unrusted material.

HARGA: Rp 73.590.000,-

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